Rustic Pine Saddle Stand FAQ

Over the years, we've been asked a lot of questions about our Rustic Pine Saddle Stands. If you have questions, you just may find the answers right here. If these FAQ's did not answer your questions, please email us at


How much will it cost to ship a Saddle Stand to me?

Shipping is based on zip code. We charge the actual amount FedEx will charge us to ship the Stand to you. We do not charge extra for packaging, we absorb that cost ourselves. We do not make a profit on shipping. Because shipping cost is based on zip code, you need to select a Stand and Add to Cart. You will then be asked for your address information and shipping cost can then be calculated.

How much does it cost to ship a fully assembled Saddle Stand?

The Saddle Stands are rather large and heavy. Shippers such as FedEx and UPS calculate costs based on both size and weight of packages. The Kit form of the Stand ships at Oversize 1 rates. The fully assembled Stand ships at Oversize 2 rates simply because the box is much larger. Oversize 2 rates are approximately double Oversize 1 rates. For an accurate shipping quote for a fully assembled Rustic Pine Saddle Stand, please email us.

Will this Saddle Stand be suitable for a pony saddle?

Yes, our Rustic Pine Saddle Stands are suitable for all sizes of saddles.

Can a Stand be made of a different type of wood?

Yes, we can make our Rustic Pine Saddle Stands out of any kind of wood. Please contact us by email for more information.

Can a Stand be made taller?

Yes, we can make the Stand taller. Our standard Rustic Pine Saddle Stand is tall enough for a full sized adult saddle with the stirrups dropped down to a length suitable for someone up to 6'2" tall. A taller Stand may add to the shipping cost since the package will be larger and it could increase the costs from Oversize 1 shipping rates to Oversize 2. Please contact us through email for more information.

Are there any other woodburned designs available?

All of our woodburned designs are currently displayed on this web site. Please feel free to contact us with other suggestions.

Can I design my own woodburned design?

Yes. We are more than happy to adapt your artwork to a woodburned design. Please contact us by email to discuss the size of the space on the front of the Stand and how well your design can fit in that space. There may be extra cost for this custom work depending on the design.

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